Duolingo Task 8

This Duolingo homework task designed to help you with spelling; the answers will be provided at the beginning of your class. There are three sections; each one marked with instructions.


Find the missing words in the text below.

  1. The newspaper arti_ _ _ indicat_ _ that there was a signifi_ _ _ _ rise in the use of social m_ _ _ _ platforms. The mo_ _ popular hour for post_ _ _ was after six in the evening when m_ _ _ people had finish_ _ work.

2. The govern_ _ _ _ have reported that Week_ _ _ retail trad_ _ _ laws should protect employ_ _ _ and allow them to sp_ _ _ more time _ _ _ _ their families.

3. The va_ _ majority of the glo_ _ _ population believe that there is more inte_ _ _ _ in staycat_ _ _ _ , whereas a mino_ _ _ _ thinks there is still val_ _ in travelling over_ _ _ _ .

4. The Airport app_ _ _ for plann_ _ _ permission to obtain another run_ _ _ ; however, it was reject_ _ because the local community claimed that it would breach noise pollu_ _ _ _ levels and would incre_ _ _ local traf_ _ _ .

5. Comple_ _ _ _ miss_ _ _ letters in texts will help you improve your spelling abi_ _ _ and identi_ _ with new vocabulary. The_ _ types of tas_ _ can be complicat_ _ , but prac_ _ _ _ makes perf_ _ _ .

6. People who w_ _ _ from home have repor_ _ _ that they are not gett_ _ _ enough exercise and compl_ _ _ that they are los_ _ _ their want to socia_ _ _ _ with other people.

Task 2

In this task, you will hear words, and you will have to write them down. The purpose of this task is to develop your speaking skills and to decrease translation time.

Duolingo with One2one

Task 3

In this task, you will be asked to say the following statements out loud. The purpose of this task is to evaluate your pronunciation.

  • The post office is closed during national holidays.
  • The food delivery is scheduled to arrive on Thursday.
  • Breakfast is only available before 11 am.
  • There is a male hairdresser located at the end of this street.
  • Diagrams are provided at the end of the book.
  • Every hotel was fully booked between July & August.
  • A healthy diet includes fruit and vegetables.
  • Uniform can be purchased from the administration department.
  • All cars must display a parking permit on the windshield.
  • The University campus gates close at precisely 10 pm.
  • All the door keys had a blue name tag.
  • The university campus canteen closes at 5 pm.

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One of the modules that feature in the Duolingo exam is dictation. You will hear sentences, and you need to write down exactly what you hear, paying particular attention to spelling. This is a challenging section because the sentences you will hear are set at a near-native speed. Dictation is an excellent way to improve your listening skills. 

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A Few Questions

All English exams are designed to challenge the theory by forcing you to apply grammar using cleverly designed questions. This exam is no exception. Although it’s a new form of exam, it’s setting the trend as people move between countries.

The exam itself will not help you to find employment. However, it is recognised to obtain a study visa. Most people consider this to be a faster route towards their goal.

One of the features of this exam is that share the ability to compare and contrast. Below are just a few different ways in which you can do this:

On the other hand,… but on the other ………
In sharp contrast ……….
To look at this from another perspective …
Then again…
Looking at this from a different perspective…
A different point of view would be …

In this Podcast, a few recently featured topics could prove useful if you are preparing to take this test. Indeed, students often think that because there is an ability to take it at home combined with the multiple-choice features, it could be considered a much softer option. Sadly isn’t the case, and you will still be required to show grammatical awareness within the format.

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