Prison-IELTS writing

Society believes prison is the best way to punish criminals. Write an essay to express your opinion, and where possible, try and include examples from your experience.



History has shown society that prison may not always act as a deterrent. As a result, there appears to be a growing opinion that the rehabilitation of prisoners could include other methods.

Social deprivation, also linked to poverty, can act as a catalyst and facilitate crime. In addition, various studies have indicated a link between crime and education.

Deterrents such as prison are now considered a factor for removing social skills and the inability to be reintroduced into society. In addition, an environment such as a prison could educate prisoners on criminal skills, thus reflected in the statistics showing a direct link towards repeat offending.


Prison is widely adopted as the preferred method of choice in protecting society from criminals. However, like any argument, many perspectives should always be considered. In the case of this essay writing task, writing about them will show the depth of your grammar.

Drawing a parallel to society as a structure in general, there are older, younger and middle-aged prisoners, some of who have served lengthy prison sentences for their crimes.

On some level, this is thought-provoking as perhaps the younger generation does not respond to prison in the same way as the other generations, thus making it ineffective as a method of reform.

I recommend you take a few minutes to plan the structure of your essay. Don’t use the same vocabulary; avoid using structures with the letter “I”. Repeating yourself will not give you points or show the depth of your grammar.

You’re expected to complete an IELTS essay writing task within a deadline of forty minutes and write a minimum word count of two hundred and fifty words. 


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Dirty cash - IELTS essay

Essay writing task; some people believe that money brings happiness, while others believe that money only brings misery.

Dirty cash-IELTS essay

That’s the IELTS writing essay task for this week. It’s common knowledge that the cost of living has widened. Generally speaking, this worldwide phenomenon affected most global societies.


As this is an IELTS essay task. There are specific essay writing rules that you must adhere to; these include a forty-minute deadline and a minimum word count of 250 words. 


Points are awarded when you demonstrate the depth of your grammar skills, so you should try your best to avoid repeatedly using the same vocabulary and phrases.

Try to include examples where possible, as this can help you to gain points with this task. Finally, as with all writing tasks, you must leave a few minutes to check your work. 


Unfortunately, practising against time constraints and learning to paraphrase are just some of the skills you should focus on. In my opinion, most students don’t like to venture out of their comfort zone. They practice building their strength while omitting to develop their weaknesses. This can be costly as it will compromise your valuable study time.


The economy, finance and banking are all common topics. IELTS is an international exam, and as such, they will always choose issues that affect global society. 

Reading news articles will always be more beneficial than streaming movies with subtitles. Also, most films and TV series use slang which will work against you in the context of this exam.


Try to plan the structure of this essay; under exam conditions, this is something that will need practice within task deadlines. Remember that quality is always better than quantity.

As always, we will correct your essay at the beginning of your class so that you can identify any errors. Learning is a process and requires time, so don’t rush. A decent IELTS exam score will open the doors of opportunity and can make the difference between getting a survival job or a job that will give you professional development and, ultimately, a defined career path.

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A fair ride-IELTS writing task on whether cyclists should pay to use the roads.
Cyclists IELTS writing

This is an IELTS homework writing podcast. Should cyclists pay for using roads, or should they be exempt? That’s the topic of today’s podcast.

Have you ever thought that cyclists don’t follow the rules?

A fair ride - IELTS writing topic. Should cyclists pay to use the roads?

Cyclists ignore red lights, undertake traffic, ride on pavements and even ride on the wrong side of the road. 

Governments have provided them with cycle lanes and promoted green areas with a ride to work incentive. There is some truth that our environment benefits from decreased air pollution. 


Drivers believe that cyclists should contribute to maintaining the roads; after all, they use them. In addition, they pay insurance, road tax, MOT, and servicing costs compared to cyclists who pay nothing. 

This is an IELTS essay writing task. You will need to write a minimum of 250 words, and it should take you no more than 40 minutes to complete the task.

Writing tasks are designed to show the contrast between two perspectives. Therefore, you should try your best to show examples from your own experiences.

This is how the question will sound in an IELTS style.

Some believe that cyclists should pay to use roads while others think they shouldn’t, based on their contribution to cleaner air. Write an essay to express your opinion, and where possible, provide examples from your own experiences.

Improving your writing skills depend on how much practice you do. Always leave enough time before booking and paying for an exam to have time to practice.

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An image of facial recognition
Facial Recognition – IELTS Writing

Facial recognition is not a new concept. Matching human faces to digitally mapped images stored on a database started around the 1960s. It’s fair to say that this technology is now widely used in the mobile phone landscape and the security sector.

Facial recognition is a controversial topic. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to its use.

Image of facial recognition used for an IELTS writing task.
Facial Recognition

Facial recognition podcast


Facial recognition violates society’s rights; there should be controls to ensure that people can opt out and protect their data. That’s the topic for today; thanks for joining me. 

This writing task features in part two of the IELTS writing exam. You will need to write a minimum word count of 250 words and take no more than 40 minutes to complete.

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Facial recognition is not a new concept. Matching human faces to digitally mapped images stored on a database started around the 1960s. So it’s fair to say that this technology is now widely used in the mobile phone landscape and the security sector.

This technology is still on its learning curve and not yet 100% accurate. However, some people in society believe that the benefits of contributing to national security outweigh the disadvantages. 

There is a growing concern that facial recognition is a threat to people’s rights and that this type of data should be managed and protected rather than freely used. 


We do not have to go far to see how it has impacted society, particularly at events, train stations and airports. However, its uses are not restricted to just security, and its latest application sees it being used to identify people in wars. 

There has been some controversy over Facial Recognition and the global facial recognition database assembly in recent news. For example, a recent news article published on Sky News reports a company was fined for taking images randomly without authorisation from the internet.

This topic is controversial but never the less important as it affects a global society. We can see how valuable facial recognition is, but there are disadvantages.


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Repair It Or Throw It Away?

This is an IELTS essay writing task set at general level.

Topic: Disposable Society – Task: Essay writing – Time allowed: 40 minutes – Word count: 250 words minimum. Some believe that we should discard electrical items such as washing machines when they break down, others claim it’s better to repair and continue to use them. Write an essay and express your opinion, where possible try and use examples from your own personal experiences. I’m looking for high scores so push yourself with: Comparative/ superlative, preposition usage and paraphrasing. Good luck and see you soon.

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