Six, a podcast to help students with the reading section of the IELTS exam. Image depicts two podcast microphones.
Six – IELTS Reading

Six, a podcast to help with the understanding of the reading section of the IELTS exam. Six will help you to obtain a higher score.

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Reading – A Six-Point Plan

Is there a strategy for the reading section of the IELTS exam, and can you truly develop a system to achieve a higher score?

Welcome to this edition of one2one podcasts. I hope you can develop a strategy for this part of the exam and obtain a higher score. 

Before I start, pay particular attention towards the following 6-point plan:

Before you read the text, read the questions.

Scan through the paragraphs.

The introduction and the conclusion are critical to the text.

Search for keywords.

You must answer every question.

Check everything.

Six – Preparation

The reading section is often challenging, especially if you are preparing for an IELTS exam. Learning about synonyms, antonyms, and paraphrasing is vital to mastering this section. 

Be aware of believing that you can search for words in the text you have taken from the question. This would be a simplified task if that were true. Very often, you are searching for understanding, which can mean that the answer has changed the text order and the vocabulary. The meaning of the text can be the same, but the text is entirely different. 


Students should pay particular attention to the meaning of the text, so that’s why you will often hear the expression skim or search for keywords. 

Keywords will help you understand the gist or essence of the text, and this task is performed quickly to help you with time-sensitive deadlines. Consider time as your opponent, so ensure that when you practice, you set a timer.

There is an unwritten rule that you should always check your answers, and understandably, students state that this is an impossible task given the deadline. However, the checking process helps you reduce the margin of error, so it should be very high on your list of priorities.

Subtitles on movies and TV streaming platforms do not always help since they can promote slang and vocabulary irrelevant to this exam. You should isolate official material from the exam board to practice and become accustomed to the writing style and terminology.

Six – Fear

Fear of an exam can only be overcome if you are very familiar with the structure and format so that there are no surprises and your practice is more relevant. 

If you are looking at answers to check your work, try to find out how those answers are related to the text so that you become aware of meaning and comprehension and reduce guessing, which can often be the case.

Knowing where you make errors and developing the ability to correct them is very much part of the learning process. Of course, boredom due to repetitiveness will also play a role, but this is normal with any exam format, as you must work within its framework. Therefore, stay motivated, and remember why you are taking this exam.


You are showing a future employer that you have a level of language proficiency that they can depend on. This means you can talk to clients, write emails, participate in team meetings and even deliver a presentation. So take the perspective that the higher your score, the more you can offer an employer and that your salary will reflect the above. 

Stay focused on your dream, whether it’s a promotion, job search, or even immigrating to another country. That should form the emphasis of your motivation to pass this exam. 

Unfortunately, that’s all the time we have for today. Please remember to like, comment and share this podcast. You can find a link to our website on our profile or in the podcast description box.

Until next time, bye for now.

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The Property Market
The property market

The property market, an age-old question is whether buying a house is better than renting a house. This is an IELTS essay writing task. True, how we work has changed on many levels, with remote working dominating the employment landscape.

The media reports that buying property as a process has become more complex. Spiralling deposit requirements and higher bank interest rates are some of the reasons.

The property market, a photo of a house model with keys to depict this ielts writing task.
Property Market

Property owning

The property market has changed over the last two decades. The younger generation now has some financial support from the older generation.

Some believe that buying a home provides more financial security in the future, whereas others think the benefit will never materialise in their lifetime.

Property Renting

Flexibility is key to a modern work ethic, so the ability to change location is also an important consideration. Since, for the majority, buying has become unattainable, renting is the only option.

There is no doubt that living in a city is no longer necessary. Remote workers can rent properties on the perimeter with no consequence to earnings.

Thus, a work-life balance has impacted the decision to buy or rent a property. More and more employees find that renting is less stressful and more adaptable to modern life.

Rich and poor

We can see that the line between having money and not is getting more expansive, which influences the property market.

IELTS essay writing task

Some people believe in buying a property, while others believe in renting. Write an essay and express your opinion where possible try your best to provide examples from your own experience.

As this is an IELTS essay writing task so, you must adhere to the following guidelines. The deadline to complete this task is 40 minutes, and the minimum word count is 250 words.

Try to leave a few minutes to check your work. Furthermore, spotting simple errors can make a difference to your score.



A passion for style-IELTS
A passion for style-IELTS

A passion for status, society has always found a way to separate one another by defining a class system. Over the years, the lines may have widened, but it does exist.

A passion for status-IELTS
A passion for status – IELTS

A passion for status; the lower, middle and upper classes are defined by money. The more you have, the higher up the chain you are.


Wearing your wealth on your sleeve is one way of showing which class system you belong to. However, there is some truth to people who try to display one class’s wealth while belonging to another.

Studies have shown that status still plays a major part in modern society. For example, it is still considered important to show wealth.

Gold and jewellery used to be the most valuable assets often used to suggest a level of income and wealth. However, today this has changed, and we can see that portable devices such as mobile phones can also carry the same prestige.

Brands like Apple have pushed the barriers on pricing structures, with phones breaking traditional prices.

IELTS – A passion for status

The following is your IELTS writing task:

Some people believe that devices such as mobile phones have status. Others believe that gadgets don’t have any status. Write an essay to express your opinion on this topic and provide examples from your own experience where possible.

This style of question features in part two of the writing section for the IELTS exam. There is a maximum time of 40 minutes to complete this task, and you must write more than 250 words.

Good luck with the task, and please remember to write and share till next time; bye for now.

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A photo of green data on a black background to promote this conversation lesson plan on data tracking.
Tracking Data-Conversation

Tracking data and using it to influence lifestyle changes impacts our health. However, not everyone agrees that harnessing data that tracks our movement is beneficial to society.

In the last decade, companies such as Apple and Samsung have made significant technological advancements with tracking data in the mobile phone sector. In addition, complementary products such as smartwatches have changed the gadget landscape.

Data tracking

Tracking data and using it to influence lifestyle changes impacts our health. However, not everyone agrees that harnessing data that tracks our movement is beneficial to society. Some believe this infringes our human rights and may lead to governmental control.

A division in society widens as our data is currently processed by third-party organisations such as insurers, medical providers and advertising agencies. Our data is sold for profit and used by other companies to target adverts.

In this conversation class, we will look at this topic in more depth and help you identify how we provide an opinion in English as a second language.

Firstly, you should consider that there are many forms to express how you provide an opinion. No one form is better, just different. To improve conversational skills, you will need to interact and ask questions. Therefore, you should practice this skill.

A photo of green data on a black background to promote this conversation lesson plan on data tracking.


You most probably own one. But, do you use location services? Why?
Do you own a smartwatch? Why?
Has society moved beyond the point where we can prevent data from selling to third-party companies?
Smart rings are the latest technology to emerge from the smart device sector. Would you buy one? Why?
Can we improve society by using data? Why?


Some people believe that advertisers are a necessary evil. This is because they can use data to target what we want to buy. Have you ever bought something because it was recommended online?


Imagine if you with your friends talking about this topic. It would sound strange if you didn’t ask questions to participate. It is the same in English. So, this is your opportunity to ask questions to your language instructor. Try your best not to ask closed questions where the answer consists of a yes or a no.

As you would expect in every country, the topics of conversation revolve around general knowledge so, consider reading some online news portals that will help you identify with technology, science, education, health and current news.


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Synthetic skin, an IELTS writing topic
Synthetic Skin-IELTS Essay

This is an IELTS-styled essay writing topic. Listen to the podcast and follow the instructions. If you’re preparing for the IELTS exam, it is a good idea to keep up to date with general knowledge. Be aware of topics that are commonplace in the news.

Synthetic skin, an IELTS writing topic
Synthetic skin – IELTS essay writing task

Some people believe that synthetic skin has no place in society. However, others believe that these types of advances are necessary to protect humans in the future.

IELTS Essay Task

Synthetic Skin Podcast

Write an essay to express your opinion, and try to include examples from your own experience where possible. You should take no longer than 40 minutes to complete this task. The minimum word count is 250 words.

Technological advancements in the field of robotics is a very topical subject. So, unfortunately, in the last decade, significant ethical dilemmas impacted the science surrounding this development.

The argument

There is an argument to support health benefits for burn victims who would otherwise live with disfigurement. In addition, such development in growing synthetic skin would also mean that robots may appear lifelike and perhaps may one day re-classify the definition of robotics.

In this essay, you must present arguments for and against the idea that skin can grow in a laboratory. So, consider the advantages and disadvantages and compare them to draw conclusions.

Comparative and superlative

Comparative and superlative grammar structures can prove helpful in supporting your opinion. Good luck with this task. Remember to like and share so we can continue producing more homework podcasts.

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A fair ride-IELTS writing task on whether cyclists should pay to use the roads.
Cyclists IELTS writing

This is an IELTS homework writing podcast. Should cyclists pay for using roads, or should they be exempt? That’s the topic of today’s podcast.

Have you ever thought that cyclists don’t follow the rules?

A fair ride - IELTS writing topic. Should cyclists pay to use the roads?

Cyclists ignore red lights, undertake traffic, ride on pavements and even ride on the wrong side of the road. 

Governments have provided them with cycle lanes and promoted green areas with a ride to work incentive. There is some truth that our environment benefits from decreased air pollution. 


Drivers believe that cyclists should contribute to maintaining the roads; after all, they use them. In addition, they pay insurance, road tax, MOT, and servicing costs compared to cyclists who pay nothing. 

This is an IELTS essay writing task. You will need to write a minimum of 250 words, and it should take you no more than 40 minutes to complete the task.

Writing tasks are designed to show the contrast between two perspectives. Therefore, you should try your best to show examples from your own experiences.

This is how the question will sound in an IELTS style.

Some believe that cyclists should pay to use roads while others think they shouldn’t, based on their contribution to cleaner air. Write an essay to express your opinion, and where possible, provide examples from your own experiences.

Improving your writing skills depend on how much practice you do. Always leave enough time before booking and paying for an exam to have time to practice.

For more information about our IELTS preparation course, please use the contact us page on our website or the live help website feature. Our test class is free, and the calendar works in your time zone.

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An image of facial recognition
Facial Recognition – IELTS Writing

Facial recognition is not a new concept. Matching human faces to digitally mapped images stored on a database started around the 1960s. It’s fair to say that this technology is now widely used in the mobile phone landscape and the security sector.

Facial recognition is a controversial topic. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to its use.

Image of facial recognition used for an IELTS writing task.
Facial Recognition

Facial recognition podcast


Facial recognition violates society’s rights; there should be controls to ensure that people can opt out and protect their data. That’s the topic for today; thanks for joining me. 

This writing task features in part two of the IELTS writing exam. You will need to write a minimum word count of 250 words and take no more than 40 minutes to complete.

If you want more information about our courses, use the live chat facility on our website., and if you need listing practice with text, please visit our shop. 

Facial recognition is not a new concept. Matching human faces to digitally mapped images stored on a database started around the 1960s. So it’s fair to say that this technology is now widely used in the mobile phone landscape and the security sector.

This technology is still on its learning curve and not yet 100% accurate. However, some people in society believe that the benefits of contributing to national security outweigh the disadvantages. 

There is a growing concern that facial recognition is a threat to people’s rights and that this type of data should be managed and protected rather than freely used. 


We do not have to go far to see how it has impacted society, particularly at events, train stations and airports. However, its uses are not restricted to just security, and its latest application sees it being used to identify people in wars. 

There has been some controversy over Facial Recognition and the global facial recognition database assembly in recent news. For example, a recent news article published on Sky News reports a company was fined for taking images randomly without authorisation from the internet.

This topic is controversial but never the less important as it affects a global society. We can see how valuable facial recognition is, but there are disadvantages.


Work smarter

IELTS homework podcast
Homework Podcast-Laptops Vs Tablets

The IELTS writing task 2 homework is on the topic of technology and society. Two hundred and fifty minimum word count and forty minutes to complete.

Homework Podcast

Work smarter, not harder!


Hi, and welcome to this homework podcast. The homework task is on the topic of technology and society. The text to this podcast can be found on our website.

Some people believe that laptops will soon become a redundant piece of technology as tablets grow in popularity. Others believe that Laptops will outlive tablets and that they are more popular than tablets.

IELTS writing task

Write an essay to express your opinion. Your score for this task will depend on your ability to respond to this topic. The minimum word count is 250 words, and you are given a maximum of 40 minutes to complete this task.

Your vocabulary and demonstration of how you apply grammar are key to scoring points in this exam section. A guide to structuring your essay should show how you feel about a topic and include examples from your own experience.


Contrasting two opinions should be presented as advantages and disadvantages of both points of view. Ensure that you use the vocabulary that the IELTS board recommend.

There is no way to improve without practising; learning where your mistakes are being made will help to improve your overall score. We score your essay in class with you so that you can identify errors.

Contact us for more information about our online courses. Also, don’t forget that if you need to improve your listening skills, we have a shop with unique materials that focus on improving this skill—select shop on the menu on the homepage of our website. In addition, the text is provided with every audio so you can check comprehension.

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Photo of a microphone - TOEFL independent writing task podcast
TOEFL – Independent Writing Task 

Today’s podcast is based on an independent writing task for the TOEFL exam. This task has a maximum time allowed of 30 minutes and has a word count of 300 words.

This is a TOEFL independent writing task. Listen to the Podcast and follow the instructions. A model answer will be shown to you in class. One2one academy, teaching English as a second language since 2011.

TOEFL – Think before you write

It goes without saying that you should always think before you write. Your ability to express your opinion is the key to this task. Try your best not to use similar words and phrases to show the depth of your vocabulary.

TOEFL – The learning process

Like anything, practice makes perfect; the learning process depends on it. Obtaining higher scores is based on learning from your mistakes. Understanding how to turn your weaknesses into strengths is key to this process.

TOEFL Podcast

Work smarter, not harder.

– One2one

TOEFL – Examples

Try and use examples to support your response; these examples should be from your own experience and will help you to express an opinion in English as a second language.

TOEFL – Podcast

We always try to help you identify with listening skills, so we produce a podcast to help you identify with pronunciation, intonation and speed of speech.

Model answer

A model answer will be shown to you in class to see where mistakes have been made and identify with capitalisation, spelling, paragraph indentation, use of prepositions and paraphrasing.

Online classes

If you want to know more about preparing for the TOEFL exam, you can contact us using the button below. 

Writing task

Here is the task that you need to complete. 

In any relationship, telling the truth should always be the most important consideration.



Conversation Topics - a woman crossing a busy road

New conversation topics, a podcast about the latest conversation topics featured in our conversation course.


Listen to the podcast about the latest conversation topics from one2one academy. On the whole, students who practice improve over time. So, try and expand your sentence constructions to reflect more detail. On the one hand you will need to develop listening skills to improve however on the other you will learn while you apply in our specialist online classes.

Conversation topics, work smarter, not harder.

New conversation topics

Social media has helped society to communicate more effectively.

Cryptocurrencies are the future as more and more businesses are moving online.

Dentistry should be government subsidized and not just a private healthcare option.

All cars should have recording equipment to help the police reduce road accidents.

Criminals only benefit from serving time in prison; they will always re-offend.

Pets are electronically chipped; humans should be too.

A cashless society is bad for an economy.

Working from home should be a choice.

Remember that your objective is to express yourself in English as a second language.

Build your confidence and learn how to apply grammar with our conversation course. Our online calendar works in your time zone, in addition our language instructors are native English speakers. Follow us for more conversation topics.

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