Alternative energy is a highly controversial topic. Given its significance to a global society, it is popular with English exam boards.

Alternative energy – IELTS

Alternative energy should be on your radar when preparing for an exam. It’s very popular because it requires a stronger opinion in the English language rather than softer topics like friendship.

Alternative energy - IELTS
Alternative energy – IELTS


Alternative energy transcript

Thanks for joining me for this IELTS writing task based on alternative energy.

There are many resources online. The internet will provide you with a wealth of information. However, there can often be too much information, so you should research and find things you can easily digest, write and speak about.

You may have noticed that I just mentioned speaking. This type of content applies to every area of an English exam. So be prepared to practice the topic of alternative energy in all formats.

Knowing how to turn your weaknesses into strengths can become more challenging if you are home studying. However you can achieve it, but you need to keep at it, and it will be a much longer route to take, so make sure you allow for that in your study plan.


Now to the task at hand, I will give you an essay assignment to do for your homework this week. It is set at a general level and Written in an IELTS-styled format, you will have forty minutes to complete it, and you must write a minimum of 250 words.

Here is your task:

Some people believe that investment into alternative energy infrastructure is necessary to future-proof our planet. Others believe that as a global society, we should modify our energy consumption to achieve the same result.

Write an essay to express how you feel about this topic and where possible, try and include examples from your own experience. The depth of your grammar impacts your score, so try to avoid getting repetitive with your vocabulary.


Checking your work can help you to avoid unnecessary mistakes, such as misspellings or full stops. There is always a temptation to use very long sentences or more complex words to try and demonstrate fluency. You need to be aware that this isn’t the case.

Planning is critical and takes little time to do if you develop a system. Normally, block planning can help and can adapt to most essay structures.


Earlier on, I mentioned that this topic is content used in reading, writing, speaking and writing. Therefore, I wanted to help you identify with the speaking element.


Here are some questions that could appear:

Is the key to reducing a carbon footprint related to education?
What do you personally do to manage energy consumption?
What type of rule is in place for plastic bag usage?
Should governments invest more in solar energy? Why?
Are wind turbines are an excellent alternative source of energy? Why?
If you had the power to manage your country’s energy laws, what action would you take to protect the environment? Why?

Of course, there are many more thought-provoking questions. However, your job is to find vocabulary and phrases that can adapt to different questions.

That’s all the time we have today. I hope that you found this podcast on alternative energy useful. Our website has a text version to help you; a link is in the description box.

Please remember to like and share until next time; bye for now.


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Phones are in, wallets are out. – An IELTS essay writing task.

This is an IELTS general level writing task. Listen to the instructions carefully and write an essay containing a minimum of 250 words within 40 minutes. Your essay will be marked at the beginning of your next class.

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This is an IELTS essay writing task based on the concept of whether we need a wallet. Since we now pay for things using our phones, has the idea of carrying a wallet become somewhat outdated and unnecessary?

Essential vocabulary:




Your task is to express your opinion.

I strongly believe

I think

In my opinion

English Used For Work

The English language has long been considered the language of business. Its more refined and formal format does not draw comparison to the type of English used outside of the workplace.

Business English

Why is Business English important?

This more formal and refined version of the English language was voted the language of business. For many students considering moving to another country and looking for job opportunities, it’s essential to understand this version since it will help towards finding opportunities. From answering a business phone to integrating into a workforce, its importance and unique traits play a part since it’s more geared towards interacting with clients and customers than its more casual format.

The following example is based on the English that retail employees such as sales assistants or store managers would need.


Below you will find some sentences that will require you to find missing words in order to make them complete.

  1. We use ……. to hang garments.
  2. All our stores are open .. the weekends.
  3. Make sure every garment has a price and size label. Use a …… gun to place it on the neck label.
  4. Changing rooms are also known as ……. rooms.
  5. POS stands for ….. .. ….
  6. A traditional cash register is now known as a …..
  7. A manager who is responsible for a region of stores is called a …….. Manager.
  8. A …… store manager reports to a store manager.
  9. A super store manager is called a ……. manager.
  10. A team leader is also known as a ………
  11. The most famous retail saying is; … customer .. always …..
  12. A fitting room is also known as a …….. room.
  13. The person who is in charge of window displays is called a …… merchandiser.
  14. Men’s clothing is called the …….. department.
  15. The device used to fold clothing is known as a ……. ……..
  16. If you are not working on a particular day, you are having a _ _
  17. A shop worker is known as a ….. ………
  18. Shoes, jewellery and handbags are called women’s ……….
  19. Customers pay for items in a shop at a …. point.
  20. APR for a store card is also known as an …… …. .. ………