The ability to interact is crucial to this course, and its focus is on voice tones that reflect how you sound. Learning about the way in which you sound to a native speaker can help you to build confidence. Since the course prepares you to communicate with native English speakers in a casual form, it is not suitable for exam preparation. Often we use phrasal verbs and idioms that create a more informal version of the English language. You will be shown how to use these structures to replace long sentence constructions where appropriate.

This is a structured course designed to help students identify with a very formal version of the English language. More and more businesses want to create a uniformed way of using a business telephone, delivering presentations, sending emails, attending and making conference calls, and applying money, date and time structures. We work within the boundaries of this uniformity to offer you a uniquely designed course

Exam’s do not prepare us for the real world, but they provide a scaleable measure of achievement. Acting as an indicator to demonstrate the application of theory an employer can gauge your ability to send an email, have a meeting and sell a product or service but most importantly, the ability to interact with customers.