New IELTS Indicator Test

Covid – 19 has prevented many students from taking the IELTS test, and most are planning a move abroad. In response to this delay, the examining board have created an online version of the ACADEMIC test.

IELTS board examiners will continue to award marks, and you should not be fooled into believing that this version is somehow any easier than its physical form at testing centres.

Scores are issued within seven working days. It is possible that depending on the requirements of your university or education provider that you may have to still take an in-person IELTS test, once restrictions have been lifted.

This version of the exam has one prominent feature: the ability to take your test from the comfort of your own home. The educational institutions will still consider your results for application purposes. Please note that not all institutions will accept these results – you need to check with them first.

Reading, writing, listening and speaking remain the four indicators, and the online version may offer you the ability to reduce any delays with a planned move. Generally speaking, it’s officially recognised, so you don’t need to worry; your score will count in the same way.

The listening, writing and reading parts are together, but the speaking part may occur a few days before or after, so it’s something to consider.

If you haven’t got a Laptop or PC, you can’t do this test as it’s not mobile compatible. That said you should ensure that your computer is in full working order and updated. Ensure that you have a good internet speed so if you’re sharing an internet connection, then don’t take this version of the test.

Headphones for listening and a good quality microphone for the speaking part are essential, and you should also be an expert at knowing how to use Zoom.

Overall, this is a good option for students worried about the COVID-19 delays with the immigration process. You need to check whether this option is available in your location and that you have the necessary tools to take this test at home.