The Duolingo exam format is quite diverse; there is a section which has a focus on dictation. Although it’s a computer-based exam, there is a section where you will have to demonstrate your ability to type sentences.

A Few Questions

In this Podcast, a few recently featured topics could prove useful if you are preparing to take this test. Indeed, students often think that because there is an ability to take it at home combined with the multiple-choice features, it could be considered a much softer option. Sadly isn’t the case, and you will still be required to show grammatical awareness within the format.

This course is designed for students who are either looking to change employment or find work—a popular course for people who plan to emigrate to another English speaking country and need to make a professional impression.

The ability to interact is crucial to this course, and its focus is on voice tones that reflect how you sound. Learning about the way in which you sound to a native speaker can help you to build confidence. Since the course prepares you to communicate with native English speakers in a casual form, it is not suitable for exam preparation. Often we use phrasal verbs and idioms that create a more informal version of the English language. You will be shown how to use these structures to replace long sentence constructions where appropriate.

This is a structured course designed to help students identify with a very formal version of the English language. More and more businesses want to create a uniformed way of using a business telephone, delivering presentations, sending emails, attending and making conference calls, and applying money, date and time structures. We work within the boundaries of this uniformity to offer you a uniquely designed course