Duolingo Training


Record yourself saying the following sentences. This task evaluates pronunciation and intonation.

Speaking Practice

This is a homework task and graded in class.

a. University students need to report to reception to submit all their documentation.

b. Tutors must ensure that all homework is marked every Tuesday morning.

c. Car manufacturers are producing more automatic vehicles.

d. Credit card companies must have more flexible payment dates.

e. Faculty advisers are on hand to assist.

f. The retail sector is moving to an online format.

g. There are over thirty students who have signed up for extra assignments.

h. The assignment is due tomorrow afternoon before 5 pm.

i. Media studies is the most popular course at this University.

j. The clothes designer registered her design online.

k. There are more homeless people since the last recession.

L. This is a dictation task that needs to be recorded before the class.

M. The number of unemployed skilled workers has increased this decade.

N. All flights were delayed at the weekend due to the adverse weather conditions.

O. The Hotel reduced the prices of their rooms because it was a weekend rate.

P. More pets are bought at the end of every year.

Q. More people prefer reading an electronic version of a book.