One of the modules that feature in the Duolingo exam is dictation. You will hear sentences, and you need to write down exactly what you hear, paying particular attention to spelling. This is a challenging section because the sentences you will hear are set at a near-native speed. Dictation is an excellent way to improve your listening skills. 

Listen carefully to the following sentences and write down exactly what you hear; answers are provided to check your answers.

  1. My name is David Smith. My surname is spelt S M I T H.
  2. It takes me about an hour to drive to work.
  3. I have an interview on the 18th of May at a quarter to five in the afternoon.
  4. Susan is meeting me outside the Cinema at a quarter past five in the evening.
  5. It’s a twenty-two-minute walk to the Pharmacy.
  6. If the weather is good this Sunday, I think I will go out.
  7. The college is closed this Friday.
  8. The price of coffee is higher this year.
  9. If it continues to snow, we can’t go out.
  10. My internet speed is too slow.
  11. The University will close on Thursday the thirteenth of March.

Good luck, practice makes perfect”.