A passion for style-IELTS

A passion for status, society has always found a way to separate one another by defining a class system. Over the years, the lines may have widened, but it does exist.

A passion for status-IELTS
A passion for status – IELTS

A passion for status; the lower, middle and upper classes are defined by money. The more you have, the higher up the chain you are.


Wearing your wealth on your sleeve is one way of showing which class system you belong to. However, there is some truth to people who try to display one class’s wealth while belonging to another.

Studies have shown that status still plays a major part in modern society. For example, it is still considered important to show wealth.

Gold and jewellery used to be the most valuable assets often used to suggest a level of income and wealth. However, today this has changed, and we can see that portable devices such as mobile phones can also carry the same prestige.

Brands like Apple have pushed the barriers on pricing structures, with phones breaking traditional prices.

IELTS – A passion for status

The following is your IELTS writing task:

Some people believe that devices such as mobile phones have status. Others believe that gadgets don’t have any status. Write an essay to express your opinion on this topic and provide examples from your own experience where possible.

This style of question features in part two of the writing section for the IELTS exam. There is a maximum time of 40 minutes to complete this task, and you must write more than 250 words.

Good luck with the task, and please remember to write and share till next time; bye for now.

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