The property market

The property market, an age-old question is whether buying a house is better than renting a house. This is an IELTS essay writing task. True, how we work has changed on many levels, with remote working dominating the employment landscape.

The media reports that buying property as a process has become more complex. Spiralling deposit requirements and higher bank interest rates are some of the reasons.

The property market, a photo of a house model with keys to depict this ielts writing task.
Property Market

Property owning

The property market has changed over the last two decades. The younger generation now has some financial support from the older generation.

Some believe that buying a home provides more financial security in the future, whereas others think the benefit will never materialise in their lifetime.

Property Renting

Flexibility is key to a modern work ethic, so the ability to change location is also an important consideration. Since, for the majority, buying has become unattainable, renting is the only option.

There is no doubt that living in a city is no longer necessary. Remote workers can rent properties on the perimeter with no consequence to earnings.

Thus, a work-life balance has impacted the decision to buy or rent a property. More and more employees find that renting is less stressful and more adaptable to modern life.

Rich and poor

We can see that the line between having money and not is getting more expansive, which influences the property market.

IELTS essay writing task

Some people believe in buying a property, while others believe in renting. Write an essay and express your opinion where possible try your best to provide examples from your own experience.

As this is an IELTS essay writing task so, you must adhere to the following guidelines. The deadline to complete this task is 40 minutes, and the minimum word count is 250 words.

Try to leave a few minutes to check your work. Furthermore, spotting simple errors can make a difference to your score.