This podcast will give you a brief insight into the type of vocabulary used for task one of the IELTS academic level exam. 


There is no perfect way to present a graph, and it should be said that at an academic level, it would be wise to have more than one way. Here are a few useful opening sentences that you can use;

The graph / shows / illustrates / represents / compares / indicates / …….

Data can be shown in different formats and these are:

Line graphs

Bar graphs





Pie charts

The purpose of data in any of these forms is to compare in some way. Some of the vocabulary that we use is shown below:

In sharp contrast to

Notable differences are 

In comparison to

compared to

As a rule, you should never copy the question, you should paraphrase where possible. The objective of your introduction should be that anyone reading it would know exactly what you have been asked to do.
When you start your second paragraph, you should start to explain the data, and you can do this using this type of vocabulary:

The data suggests that …

The data clearly shows…

We can see that …..

From the data, we can see that ……

The data clearly shows that ……

To compare years we can use the preposition between so an example would be:
Between the years 2000 to 2010

These some the words we use to demonstrate an increase in the past tense:


The opposite would be:




Words to show no change:


Remained the same

This is only a glimpse into the type of words and phrases needed. For more information about the IELTS Academic exam, contact us today.

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