Writing Vocabulary Booster-IELTS

A vocabulary booster, the depth of your vocabulary is essential if you want to achieve a higher score in this section of the IELTS exam.

The key to improving your writing skills is based on building vocabulary.

Memorising words and phrasing can be a gamble as the task requires you to have understanding. One of the questions often raised by students is how to start an essay. Copying the question or statement to form an answer is not recommended since that will not gain points. Below, you will find some vocabulary to help you begin the introduction.

Vocabulary for an introduction

Most people believe that …..
The vast majority of people believe that……

Some believe that …

There are no defined rules, but you can use the following to end an introduction as a guide.

This essay will discuss both perspectives
The following essay will take a look at the advantages and disadvantages
The following essay will look at both points of view

A photo of different shapes to suggest that learning vocabulary is a challenge.


There are many different levels of expressing an opinion. You should consider the following:

I think (general)
I strongly believe that (Strong opinion)

Personally speaking (Personal opinion)
In my opinion (general)


In the second and third paragraph of your essay, you will need to use a transition; this guides the reader to identify with a sequence. Consider using the following:

On the one hand

The third paragraph is used to demonstrate another point of view, so you can use the following:

Second of all
On the other hand

With every essay, you will be required to give examples. Here are a few to consider:

For example
As an example
For instance

The final part of your essay is where you are showing your audience that you are coming to the end of your essay:

In summary
In conclusion
Taking the above into account

At this point, I will say that there is more vocabulary to consider, and I have only shown limited vocabulary to help you get started.

The following topic is based on music. Based on a maximum time of 40 minutes to complete and a 250 minimum word count, complete the following task.

Essay writing task

Some people believe that working from home is more productive than woking in an office. Write an essay to express your opinion and where possible provide examples from your own experience.