TOEFL – Independent Writing Task 

Today’s podcast is based on an independent writing task for the TOEFL exam. This task has a maximum time allowed of 30 minutes and has a word count of 300 words.

This is a TOEFL independent writing task. Listen to the Podcast and follow the instructions. A model answer will be shown to you in class. One2one academy, teaching English as a second language since 2011.

TOEFL – Think before you write

It goes without saying that you should always think before you write. Your ability to express your opinion is the key to this task. Try your best not to use similar words and phrases to show the depth of your vocabulary.

TOEFL – The learning process

Like anything, practice makes perfect; the learning process depends on it. Obtaining higher scores is based on learning from your mistakes. Understanding how to turn your weaknesses into strengths is key to this process.

TOEFL Podcast

Work smarter, not harder.

– One2one

TOEFL – Examples

Try and use examples to support your response; these examples should be from your own experience and will help you to express an opinion in English as a second language.

TOEFL – Podcast

We always try to help you identify with listening skills, so we produce a podcast to help you identify with pronunciation, intonation and speed of speech.

Model answer

A model answer will be shown to you in class to see where mistakes have been made and identify with capitalisation, spelling, paragraph indentation, use of prepositions and paraphrasing.

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Writing task

Here is the task that you need to complete. 

In any relationship, telling the truth should always be the most important consideration.