One2One Podcast Channel

Join us for live broadcasts, discussions and more on our new Podcast channel.


We have been teaching English as a second language since 2011, our Podcasts are growing in Popularity and so we decided to produce live shows. These will bring added value to our students and create a more detailed understanding of how we work.

Live Events

Live events will be published here on our blog, so keep checking in. Episodes are available to everyone, so you can share the links on your social media platforms. We hope that you find them engaging, interesting and interactive. While most of our shows will be free, there will be some shows which you will have to pay for to attend.

Paid events will have the same value as our classes, often using bespoke materials and will help students who have little time to study and need support classes on demand.


Our shows are focussed on helping students who are preparing for the IELTS exam and job interviews in English as a second language.

Live Events

To support us, please share our Podcasts, so that we can continue to produce them. Thank you! Our next live event will be advertised here on our blog, so please remember to check in regularly.



Join us for the next episode of IELTS Booster available exclusively on Podbean.


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