Homework Podcast-Laptops Vs Tablets

The IELTS writing task 2 homework is on the topic of technology and society. Two hundred and fifty minimum word count and forty minutes to complete.

Homework Podcast

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Hi, and welcome to this homework podcast. The homework task is on the topic of technology and society. The text to this podcast can be found on our website.

Some people believe that laptops will soon become a redundant piece of technology as tablets grow in popularity. Others believe that Laptops will outlive tablets and that they are more popular than tablets.

IELTS writing task

Write an essay to express your opinion. Your score for this task will depend on your ability to respond to this topic. The minimum word count is 250 words, and you are given a maximum of 40 minutes to complete this task.

Your vocabulary and demonstration of how you apply grammar are key to scoring points in this exam section. A guide to structuring your essay should show how you feel about a topic and include examples from your own experience.


Contrasting two opinions should be presented as advantages and disadvantages of both points of view. Ensure that you use the vocabulary that the IELTS board recommend.

There is no way to improve without practising; learning where your mistakes are being made will help to improve your overall score. We score your essay in class with you so that you can identify errors.

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