Exam Preparation


Exam’s do not prepare us for the real world, but they provide a scaleable measure of achievement. Acting as an indicator to demonstrate the application of theory an employer can gauge your ability to send an email, have a meeting and sell a product or service but most importantly, the ability to interact with customers.

If you are professionally qualified and by this I mean an accountant, nurse, doctor or lawyer, to name a few, then having a higher score is mandatory. An organisation needs to know that an employer can not use the phrase “I am sorry, I didn’t understand”. The reality is that mistakes can cost a business money.

Unless you can pass an English exam with a decent score, finding employment becomes very challenging. That said, not every industry values a high score, so keep that in mind.

This course focuses on the strategy to pass an exam, which means that you will be shown a system that will help you identify with creating templates – you cannot memorise English for an exam, but you can develop a word phrase bank that can be applied. Every student learns differently, so it is far from a one size fits all attitude.

One2oneacademy helps you identify with a bespoke solution, so every student will be provided with a unique approach. This course has a one teacher to one student ratio, offering 10 years of hands-on experience we measure our success on the results.

Each class lasts for 55 minutes, and we use Skype to teach because it stores the chat which you can always refer to. Where possible we try and offer you a simulated environment where you are forced to apply theory in a realistic scenario.

Classes are individually prepared based around your strengths and weaknesses and are therefore unique to your situation.

Choose between course instructors offering you both a male and female perspective.

Homework is provided at the end of each class.

Our calendar allows you to book your classes in your own time zone, just click on the link below or go to the “book classes” page on our website! We offer one-off classes or packs, providing complete flexibility. Our language instructors are available 6 days a week at times to suit everyone.