English for Work

Formal English for use at work

This is a structured course designed to help students identify with a very formal version of the English language. More and more businesses want to create a uniformed way of using a business telephone, delivering presentations, sending emails, attending and making conference calls, and applying money, date and time structures. We work within the boundaries of this uniformity to offer you a uniquely designed course.

The students who take this course are professionals who want to ensure that their English level is at a standard that would be accepted by employers worldwide. Many would be either planning to move to another country or seeking either a promotion or creating opportunity.

Gain confidence and expand your vocabulary whilst working within simulated business tasks allowing you to apply the theory.

Materials are tailor-made to suit your current and expected working environments. If there is a specific focus on presentations, business introductions, meeting formats or anything specific, we will ensure that this course is modified to create maximum benefit and knowledge.

Each class lasts for 55 minutes, and we use Skype to teach because it stores the chat which you can always refer to. Where possible we try and offer you a simulated environment where you are forced to apply theory in a realistic scenario.

Classes are individually prepared based around your strengths and weaknesses and are therefore unique to your situation.

Choose between course instructors offering you both a male and female perspective.

Homework is provided at the end of each class.

Our calendar allows you to book your classes in your own time zone, just click on the link below or go to the “book classes” page on our website! We offer one-off classes or packs, providing complete flexibility. Our language instructors are available 6 days a week at times to suit everyone.