Duolingo Dictation

The Duolingo exam format is quite diverse; there is a section which has a focus on dictation. Although it’s a computer-based exam, there is a section where you will have to demonstrate your ability to type sentences. This section shows that you know how To apply capitalisation, spelling accuracy and punctuation such as commas and full stops. Over time, you will develop speed, which will prove beneficial as you will be more accurate with practice. If your end goal is to obtain a student visa, the education body needs to know that you can take notes and apply this skill.

Listen carefully and write down exactly what you hear. 


1. If the weather is nice tomorrow, I think that I will go for a walk.

2. I found the museum extremely interesting.

3. The fridge was empty, so I decided to go food shopping.

4. I had a conversation with an old friend yesterday.

5. I prefer shopping online as it’s usually cheaper than shopping in a physical store.

6. I decided to eat out today because I didn’t feel like cooking.

7. I decided to buy a laptop because I wanted portability and the ability to move from one location to another.

8. I have known David for over six years; I met him at work.

9. There are so many different types of jobs that people can do in my town.

10. Jenny decided to move to Australia last year because her University allowed her to take a year out.

Good luck and remember that practice is key to passing this exam.