Diversity – Interview vocabulary

In this podcast, you will learn about the alternative vocabulary used at an interview. I cover responsibility, work ethic and teamwork.

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If you are in charge of people in your current job, you could use the word responsible, but there are better ways to express this.

For example, if you are responsible for a team of 6 people, we could use:

I supervise a team of six people
I oversee
I’m accountable for
I manage

Staying away from conventional phrases or words can often make all the difference and give you an advantage which, let’s face it, is what this is all about.

Next is your work ethic; most people simply state that they are hard workers, so to stay away from that form, you could say;

I’m disciplined in my approach.
I take ownership of tasks.
I’m very consistent
Focussed on meeting objectives
Enjoy the challenges that surround problem-solving
I’m very goal orientated.


I could not leave teamwork out of this mix, so rather than just say that you work well in a team, perhaps you should consider the following:

I’m supportive
I enjoy collaboration
I enjoy working within diverse teams that bring unique perspectives.
I’m sympathetic and understanding towards others.
I enjoy watching those around me grow and expand their knowledge.


The key to beating the competition is staying away from standard answers. Instead, be as diverse as you can, as this can often make the difference between getting the position you want and creating opportunities for yourself.

Imagine that this process depends on answers that will leave a lasting impression and give you a tactical advantage.

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