Conversation Course

Get confident

The ability to interact is crucial to this course, and its focus is on voice tones that reflect how you sound. Learning about the way in which you sound to a native speaker can help you to build confidence. Since the course prepares you to communicate with native English speakers in a casual form, it is not suitable for exam preparation. Often we use phrasal verbs and idioms that create a more informal version of the English language. You will be shown how to use these structures to replace long sentence constructions where appropriate.

This is a challenging course covering many of the topics that affect society in general, such as pollution, technology, health & education. Learning how to express your opinion – these one2one specialist classes are ideal for students who need to maintain a level of English or want to know more about the type of English used outside of a working or exam environment.

Compare, contrast and learn new vocabulary – being corrected as you speak helps identify with weaknesses that can be turned into strengths.

Students who are interested in taking this course usually have a want and need to integrate into an English speaking community after emigrating. The content provided in this course, gives you the confidence to have a conversation with your children’s teachers, communicate with the local supermarket manager and ask for advice and help with medical professionals. We aim to help you improve your vocabulary alongside your confidence, making for easier integration.

Each class lasts for 55 minutes, and we use Skype to teach because it stores the chat which you can always refer to. Where possible we try and offer you a simulated environment where you are forced to apply theory in a realistic scenario.

Classes are individually prepared based around your strengths and weaknesses and are therefore unique to your situation.

Choose between course instructors offering you both a male and female perspective.

Homework is provided at the end of each class.

Our calendar allows you to book your classes in your own time zone, just click on the link below or go to the “book classes” page on our website! We offer one-off classes or packs, providing complete flexibility. Our language instructors are available 6 days a week at times to suit everyone.