Canada – Between two worlds

Canada, “Between two worlds”, is a story about a woman named Rachel who attends a job fair and meets a recruiter from her dream job at a museum. A reading and comprehension task.

Canada - Between two Worlds

Canada, “Between two worlds”, is a story about a woman named Rachel who attends a job fair and meets a recruiter from her dream job at a museum. She goes through the interview process and eventually receives an offer. Rachel and her husband Nathan then move to Canada to start their new life, where they make new friends and explore the country. The story is a tale of perseverance and determination, showing the power of following your dreams.

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Canada – Tel Aviv

Nathan and Rachel sat on their balcony, sipping coffee and looking out at the stunning view of the Rocky Mountains. It was a crisp fall morning, and the leaves on the trees were starting to change colours. The couple had been living in Canada for almost a year now, and they couldn’t believe how quickly the time had flown by.

Their journey to Canada had started years before when they first met in Tel Aviv. Nathan had just graduated from university with a degree in computer science, and Rachel had just completed her degree in art history. They were both looking for something more in life and dreamed of living in Canada.

Canada was known for its vast open spaces, friendly people, and multiculturalism. Nathan had always been fascinated by the Canadian way of life, and Rachel was drawn to Canada’s natural beauty. They both felt like Canada was the perfect place to start a new life together.


After months of researching and preparing, Nathan and Rachel decided to apply for permanent residency in Canada. It was a long and complicated process, but they were determined to make it work. They spent countless hours filling out forms, providing documentation, and attending interviews.

Finally, after months of waiting, they received the news they had been hoping for. Their application had been accepted, and they were granted permanent residency in Canada. They were over the moon with excitement and couldn’t wait to start their new life in this beautiful country.

Their journey to Canada started with a long flight from Tel Aviv to Toronto. They were nervous and excited as they stepped off the plane and into the airport. A friendly immigration officer greeted them and welcomed them to Canada. Both felt a sense of relief and excitement as they walked through the airport, knowing that they were starting a new chapter in their lives.


Their first few days in Canada were a blur of new experiences and challenges. It was a struggle to adjust to the colder climate and the cultural differences. They had to learn how to navigate the city, find a place to live, and open a bank account. They had to figure out how to get around without a car, and they had to learn how to shop for groceries in a new country.

Despite the challenges, Nathan and Rachel were determined to make it work. They spent hours exploring their new city, trying new foods, and meeting new people. Both of them were amazed by the natural beauty of the country and the kindness of the people. They quickly fell in love with Canada and knew that they had made the right decision.

One of the biggest challenges they faced was finding work. Nathan had a background in computer science and was able to find a job relatively quickly. Rachel, on the other hand, had a degree in art history and struggled to find work in her field. She applied for job after job, but she kept getting rejected.

Job Fair

Rachel was starting to feel discouraged. She had always been passionate about art history and had dreamed of working in a museum. But it seemed like no one was interested in hiring her. She started to wonder if she had made a mistake by moving to Canada.

One day, Rachel was browsing through a local bookstore when she noticed a flyer for a job fair. She decided to attend, hoping that she might find something that would be a good fit for her. She spent the day going from booth to booth, talking to recruiters and handing out her resume.

At the end of the day, Rachel was feeling exhausted and discouraged. She had talked to dozens of people, but she hadn’t found anything that interested her. Just as she was about to leave, she noticed a booth for a local art museum. She approached the recruiter, and they started to chat.

The recruiter was impressed with Rachel’s passion for art history and her knowledge of the subject. They had a long conversation about the museum and its collection, and Rachel felt an instant connection with the recruiter. She left her resume with the recruiter and left the job fair feeling hopeful for the first time in weeks.


A few days later, Rachel received a call from the recruiter. They had reviewed her resume and wanted to invite her in for an interview. Rachel was overjoyed and spent the next few days preparing for the interview.

The interview went well, and Rachel felt like she had finally found her dream job. A few days later, she received a call from the museum offering her the position. She accepted immediately, and within a few weeks, she was starting her new job.

Nathan was thrilled for Rachel. He had seen how discouraged she had been about finding work, and he knew how important it was for her to find a job that she loved. With Rachel’s new job, they felt like their life in Canada was finally coming together.

Over the next few months, Nathan and Rachel settled into their new life in Canada. They made new friends, explored the country, and continued to learn about the culture. They were amazed by how much there was to see and do in Canada, and they felt like they were living their dream life.

Canada Is Home

As they sat on their balcony, looking out at the mountains, Nathan turned to Rachel and said, “Can you believe we’re living here? I never thought we’d be able to make our dream a reality.”

Rachel smiled and said, “I know, it’s amazing. Canada has been everything we hoped for and more.”

Nathan and Rachel knew that their journey to Canada had been long and challenging, but they also knew that it had been worth it. In the end, they found a new home in Canada, and they were excited to see what the future held for them. They raised their coffee cups in a toast to their new life, grateful for everything that had brought them to this moment.


  1. What was Rachel’s dream job?
  2. How did Rachel feel about her job search before attending the job fair?
  3. Who did Rachel meet at the job fair?
  4. What did Rachel do after meeting the recruiter?
  5. What happened a few days after Rachel’s interview?
  6. How did Nathan feel about Rachel’s new job?
  7. What did Nathan and Rachel do after settling into their new life in Canada?
  8. What did Nathan say to Rachel while sitting on their balcony?
  9. How did Rachel and Nathan feel about their journey to Canada?
  10. What did Rachel and Nathan raise in toast to their new life?

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