Prepositions – the art of precise communication

Prepositions are an essential part of language as they help to clarify the relationship between different words in a sentence.

Prepositions are an essential part of language as they help to clarify the relationship between different words in a sentence. They provide information about time, place, direction, manner, and other vital details essential for clear communication. Without prepositions, sentences would be more challenging to understand and could lead to confusion or misinterpretation. Therefore, using prepositions correctly and effectively in writing and speaking is important.

Prepositions - the art of precise communication

Prepositions Task 1

The following task will require you to place the correct prepositions in the sentences. There are many options to choose from. Use any that will create a grammatically correct sentence. 

Answers provided in class*

1. I walked _______ the park.

2. She sat _______ the couch.

3. The cat jumped _______ the table.

4. The book is _______ the shelf.

5. He ran _______ the street.

6. The car is parked _______ the garage.

7. She put the flowers _______ the vase.

8. The bird flew _______ the tree.

9. The plane is flying _______ the clouds.

10. He is standing _______ the corner.

11. She went _______ the store to buy groceries.

12. The ball rolled _______ the hill.

13. The dog is sleeping _______ the bed.

14. The picture is hanging _______ the wall.

15. The sun is setting _______ the horizon.

16. The boat is sailing _______ the ocean.

17. They are walking _______ the beach.

18. The painting is displayed _______ the museum.

19. She is dancing _______ the music.

20. The train is passing _______ the station.

21. The car is driving _______ the highway.

22. He is swimming _______ the pool.

23. The food is cooking _______ the stove.

24. She is typing _______ her computer.

25. The plane is landing _______ the runway.

26. The spider crawled _______ the wall.

27. The music is coming _______ the speakers.

28. The book is open _______ the table.

29. The moon is shining _______ the sky.

30. The sun is rising _______ the mountains.

Prepositions Task 2

Full text provided in class*

Jonathan had always dreamed of starting his own business. After years of saving up, he finally had enough money to make his dream a reality. He decided to open a coffee shop _______ the heart of the city. 

Jonathan researched different locations and found the perfect spot _______ a busy street corner. He signed a lease _______ the property and started renovating the space. He hired a contractor to help him with the construction work. 

Once the construction was finished, Jonathan started purchasing equipment _______ his coffee shop. He bought a coffee machine, tables, chairs, and other necessary items. He also hired staff to help him run the business. 

Jonathan knew that he needed to create a unique brand _______ his coffee shop. He came up _______ a name and logo that reflected his passion _______ coffee. He also developed a menu that featured a variety of coffee drinks and pastries. 

Finally, the day came when Jonathan was ready to open his coffee shop. He invited his friends and family _______ a soft opening. The soft opening was a success, and Jonathan received positive feedback _______ his coffee and service. 

Jonathan knew that he needed to do more to attract customers _______ his coffee shop. He started promoting his business _______ social media and placed ads _______ local newspapers. He also offered discounts _______ customers who referred their friends and family _______ his coffee shop. 

With hard work and dedication, Jonathan’s coffee shop became a popular destination _______ coffee lovers _______ the city. He was able to turn his dream into a successful business and was grateful _______ the opportunity to share his passion with others.


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