Culture-IELTS essay writing task

When learning a new language, culture is a consideration. It is the topic for this IELTS essay writing task.

IELTS essay writing tasks have a minimum word count of 250 words and a maximum time of 40 minutes to complete.

There is no short cut for improving your essay writing skills. There is some truth in the fact that the way in which we speak does have some common ground with the way in which we write.

Learning the structure of how to write an essay can help you to establish a template that can be applied and this will save you time.

Types Of Essays

There are five main types of essays and these are indicated below:



Advantage/ Disadvantage




Essay Writing Task

Some people believe that you need to learn about a culture in order to learn a language, others believe that it is not necessary. Write an essay to express your opinion. Where possible, try and provide examples from your own experience.

Work smarter, not harder!


All corrections are done in class, so that you can identify with your weaknesses and gradually turn them into strengths.

Improving Writing Skills

To practice on improving your writing skills, we recommend that you become familiar with some of the topics that the IELTS board use.






Travel and transportation

The environment




There are many others, however the key to learning is to practice with topics that are outside of your comfort zone.


One of the challenges that you will find is vocabulary building, so to build vocabulary, you should focus on adjectives that will help you to describe the topics indicated above.

Watching movies on TV can prove useful to help with understanding but keep in mind that exam English can be more formal and focussed on specific vocabulary.