Short Stories

The Diary

Chapter 1

Listening Practice

Listen to the audio and answer the questions.

  1. This story takes place in the year ___.
  2. This event was supervised by _____ _____.
  3. The office demolition was scheduled for ___ ____ ____ April.
  4. Building number ___ will be demolished.
  5. Louse was described as being ______ because it was only the second time in this position.
  6. The office door wouldn’t open because ____ were blocking it.
  7. The light switch was located to the ______ of the door.
  8. How many letters were blocking the door from opening?
  9. Two adjectives were used to describe Louise’s character: what were they?
  10. How long was her hair?
  11. What colour was her hair?
  12. Louise wore blue, framed glasses. True/ False? Not given
  13. How tall was Louise?
  14. Louise had a grey leather bag. True/ False/ Not given
  15. The filing cabinet was unlocked. True/ False/ Not given
  16. The office had a square window. True/ False/ Not given
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