The Estate Agent

The Estate Agent

Listening skills are crucial if you want to improve your conversational skills. One2one has produced a series of audios that help with that process.

Text is provided with every recording so that you can practice repeatedly. Our native language instructors have over 11 years of experience, and their London accents are neutral and easy to follow.

In this Podcast, you will listen to a client who phones an estate agency to find out more about buying a property.

This is an Ideal audio for students practising for English exams.

Priced at £5.99, you will immediately receive the audio and pdf once you have checked out.

“Practice makes perfect”.


Q1 – What is the name of the Estate Agency?

Q2 – What proof of funds did Julie provide?

Q3 – What is the most important thing for Julie in terms of her requirements?

Q4 – Which line does Julie prefer?

Q5 – When does their current contract expire?

Q6 – What time did Stephen suggest they meet?

Q7 – What is Julie’s telephone number?

The script, questions and answers are included in the attached PDF