Robots and the elderly.

This is an IELTS essay writing task based on whether robots should replace humans to look after the elderly. The time allowed to complete this task is 40 minutes and you need to write a minimum of 250 words. Listen to the audio and follow the instructions.

This is an image of a robot which is the theme of this IELTS essay writing task.



“Work smarter, not harder”.


This weeks task is an IELTS writing task, so you will need to try and complete it within 40 mins. It’s ok if you take longer when you’re studying, but you need to be aware of time since that is the maximum time allowed.

The essay writing section of this exam allows for a minimum word count of 250 words, and again, you need to work towards that target. It’s ok to write more; most students average at about 300 words.

Robots and the elderly

This weeks task is about Robots helping to care for the elderly. It’s an interesting concept since globally; we are all living longer. I have included a video to help you understand the idea in our blog, which can be found on our website;

Here is the task that you need to complete:

Some people believe that humans should look after the elderly; others believe that robots can replace carers. Write an essay to express your opinion, and where possible, try and include examples from your own experience.

One2one Students

If you’re a one2one student, we will correct your essay in real-time at the beginning of your next class using Google Docs. This will help you to identify with your mistakes and provide you with a point of reference. Focus on your weaknesses not your strengths.

Try your best to avoid using the same vocabulary since this defeats the objective. However, using synonyms can often help you to achieve a better score.

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