Dear Mandi, I would like to thank you for your help and support along this long and hard way. You are a great teacher, who knew to adjust your way of teaching especially for my needs. As a result of your unique approach I succeed to reach my goals in the IELTS test. My results improved tremendously from 6 to 7.5 overall. Thank you again for being not just a teacher, but a great source of support. Thank you for believing in my abilities Raya, Canada.



Dear Mandi,

Me and Nir would love to thank you for all of your help and guidance. It was thanks to you that both of us received such high results on our IELTS exams.
For me, it was not just the guide lines, the structure and the exercises that you gave me which raised my level in writing and speaking. It was more the fact that you encouraged me and had faith in my abilities in crisis moments when I did not believe in myself.
You never gave up on me and always reminded me that I can do this. You always showed me my strengths and help me feel competent and comfortable with English.
Thanks to our conversations and to your positive feedback I was able to speak clearly and freely during my exam. I had confidence and I am sure that it affected my score.
I hope that others will be as lucky as we were to work with you.

Netta & Nir


My experience was 100% successful. The first contact with Sanj I was preparing an interview for a pilot license, not just I passed but I got the higher grade! I decided to “use” Sanj again for another job interview wich was also successful. Since Im so happy with my experience I won’t doubt to repeat, and I laso want to book some lessons for my kids.

Sanj me ha ayudado mucho mas de lo que él cree a conseguir mis metas. Resulta muy agradable hablar con el y la vez tienes la seguridad que es totalmente objetivo a la hora de valorar tu progreso. Gracias Sanj



I took an “emergency” 2 lessons with Sanj as a preparation for an online Recorded Skype job interview.
At first I panicked from the thought of being recorded online, but Sanj helped me to relieve my tensions and to focus on marketing myself in English. After our class, I was able to look like a real IT professional on my interview.

I strongly advise you to take lessons with one2one academy to boost your skills and confidence, and to move from Panicking – to marketing yourself in English to your new employers.



I took a lesson with Sanj in order to prepare to a telephone interview I was about to have. Sanj gave some very good tips for the interview and a brief lesson to improve my grammar and speaking skills. He also helped me to formulate better answers to common interview questions – all of these in only one hour! The preparation definitely helped me to feel more confident and to speak more fluently during the interview, and eventually to get the job!



Exam taken: IELTS General Training
Score: Listening: 8.5 Reading: 9.0 Speaking: 9.0 Exam taken: IELTS

I took the 10 lessons IELTS course plan with Mandi for ensuring that I’ll get the score that I needed.
Mandi is an awesome teacher who is very pleasant and fun to talk with. She was immediately able to identify my strong and weak points, and had a professional answer for every question that I had had. She distributed the time perfectly and put more emphasis on areas that required more work.
The course itself was great, had flexible times, and the homework resembled perfectly what was on the actual exam.

The lessons were very fun and helpful, and I felt like I was improving my English not only for the exam, but also for my life in the future!

In my opinion, this course is recommended for everyone, people that are unfamiliar with the exam, people that need to improve their English, and even people that’d done this exam before.



I am glad that I have this opportunity to express my gratitude for your work.
Your courses gave me confidence and inspiration that I did not have before.
I took Mandi’s preparation courses for the IELTS General Exam and each time I was gradually improving my language skill.
Also, I would like to thank Sanj for his effective and useful English for Work and Interview Preparation courses. His advanced simulation technic has given me sensation and real experience of interviews, understanding and confidence how to say correct words at the correct time and place.
In conclusion, I would like to recommend One2One Academy as an effective way to improve your English skills both for life and work.




I would like to share my great experience with one2one academy and especially with Sanj.
I took the 10 lessons course. I’m Chemical Engineer and looking for a position in the United States.
I knew, that I need someone to guide me and help me to feel more confident. Within 10 lessons, I felt more confident about my language and, especially, myself. I already got two phone interviews in very interesting position.
Sanj is very patient and I had a privilege to work with him for a very short but, productive period.

It doesn’t mean you can spend 10 hours and all is pink. You have to work hard, repeat all Sanj is asking you and exercise before each call.

My husband is a software engineer in the United States and knows English pretty well but, he expressed his interest having sessions with Sanj after seeing results on me. I’m grateful for what I received.

Thank you, Sanj! Very recommended!



I booked with Sanj the CV Center course because an colleague work recommended it to me, I wanted a professional change and I had been looking for a job for years without success … Sanj professionalized my CV. My Linkedin profile had not seen years and in only two months I have had more than 30 visits and then a company contacted me to start a selection process!!! So, with the success achieved with the CV Center course I decided to hire the Interview Center course and … I got the job!! I will always be eternally grateful; thanks to him I have achieved the professional change I had been looking for years. If you want to change your job do not think twice.



Hi Mandi,

I received my score and I’m happy to say that I achieved a band 7 in writing task, while the final score is 8!
I want to thank you for facilitating and leading me.
I believe your tips and guidance really helped me to improve my writing skills.

Thank you very much!



It’s been a little over 4 months since we moved to Australia. As expected, there were several hick ups in the beginning – after all, we were new to everything and had a whole lot of things to work out. But now everything is sorted out and we really feel home again. We started working about two months after our move. Eugene had several job interviews and says that everything was precisely as Sanj taught him during the classes. He means, literally, 100% of what Sanj told, advised and recommended was absolutely right and critical. In fact, Sanj’s CV and interview classes. We think that these lessons are the ultimate key to success, without any exaggeration.

We would like to thank you all again, Mandi, Sanj and Nick for being our teachers, for motivating, supporting, understanding and empathizing us throughout the whole way – from IELTS and PTE exams, to interview, conversation and fluency lessons.
We wish you all the best and will never forget your contribution to our future.

Ola, Eugene & Mark


Overall band: 7.0 – L: 7.5, R: 6.5, W:6.0, S:7.0

I would like to express my gratitude to you. Before you, I never learned English in a proper manner. I had had certainty that my English is so far from good, I almost enrolled myself in a yearly course in order to prepare myself for this exam. You managed to elevate my language level and more importantly my self-confidence in almost no time. Thank you very much for being such a great teacher and such a nice and thoughtful person. I enjoyed our lessons greatly!